Gold is regarded as one of the most vital elements in Indian ceremonies. Although most people would like to invest in gold as a physical asset there is one better option to invest in this precious metal. Gold Exchange Traded Fund, popularly known as Gold ETF, is one of those instruments, which has become a popular investment for the investors both within India and across the world. This has been a success investment option since its launch in India in the year 2007.

Gold ETF’s are a type of open ended mutual funds which help investors to invest their money in gold that is 99.5% pure. Gold ETF’s are listed over the stock exchanges where the investors are given the units of a mutual fund. Many a times a unit may represent one gram of gold. It is one of those funds which are passively managed and reflect the actual fluctuation of the gold prices in the market more or less. This means that the returns investors get for their investments would nearly match to the ones if gold is purchased and sold offline. As an investor these funds can be bought and sold on stock exchanges during trading hours. [click to continue…]

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Double Gold ETF

Double Gold ETF is defined as the leveraged ETF which moves up or down which is equivalent to twice the movement of the price of Gold either ways. To illustrate further we can say that once the prices of Gold rise by 10% the price of Double Gold ETF would rise by 20%. On the [...]

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SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) – A Physical Gold ETF

SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) is the world’s largest physically backed Gold ETF, traded on NYSE ARCA Exchange in the US and three other countries. SPDR is a short name for Standard and Poor’s Depository Receipt, which is originally designed to track S&P’s 500 stock market index in the US. State Street Global Advisors (SSgA), a [...]

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ICICI Prudential Regular Gold Savings Fund Details

Similar to other major AMCs, in September 2011, ICICI Prudential has come up with Gold savings Fund. ICICI prudential regular gold savings fund is an open ended fund of funds which primarily invests in its own ICICI Gold ETF and can invest in oversees gold ETFs in future. ICICI Gold savings fund mainly targets retail [...]

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SBI Gold Fund

In late 2011 SBI launched a Gold Fund, which primarily invests in its own SBI Gold ETF. The fund belongs to the Gold Savings funds category under which most of the mutual fund houses in India in last couple of years launched funds. SBI Gold fund, which allows SIP in gold investment, is aimed at [...]

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